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"The dedicated life is the life worth living. You must give with your whole heart."
~ Annie Dillard
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Wouldn't it be a happier world if everyone got what they wished for?
What is WishCentral?
WishCentral is a free, easy to use personal wishlist service where you can create your own custom wishlist and add wishes from any store in a single place. WishCentral makes it easy for family and friends to reserve and share wishes, saving guesswork by getting the right gifts from the start.
How is WishCentral Different?
Most gift registries only let you add wishes from their own list of products. At WishCentral you can customize your wishlist by submitting your own wish description and store location, whether it is a web site or a small one-of-a-kind shop. If you are the kind of person that likes to be surprised, make your wish descriptions vague, leaving the details up to them.
Who is WishCentral for?
WishCentral is perfect for families and friends who have drifted apart. If you or your family members have gone away to college or for work, use WishCentral to keep in touch with their interests and hobbies.
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"Having a lot of fun with my family creating our wish lists. Thanks for the website."
    ~ J. Joyce

"So many stores have websites now; I can just find what I want and put it on my list. My relatives are finally happy!"
    ~ J. Butler

"I hated having to send everyone my wish list or tell them what I want over the phone. It's just so much easier this way."
    ~ K. R.

"It's fun and cool! Best of all it's Free and a great way to communicate to everyone your wants without all the uncomfortable, "What's your pant size?" conversations. "
    ~ B. Friend

"i got most of the presents that i wanted for my birthday! yay!"
    ~ B. P.

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